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Trading APIs are intended for advanced users who have their own trading applications. To use the simpler web trading interface, just login to your account and click the trade tab.

There are two components to the API: market data and order entry. If you just want to collect information on Bitfloor trading for analysis or visualization, read the Market Data docs. To place orders and trade on Bitfloor, consult the Order Entry documentation.

List of available currencies to trade: products

market data

We provide market data through various endpoints. Which one you use will depend on your automated trading needs. No authentication is needed to use these endpoints or view the data.


The REST market data is the easiest to get started with and will provide you with snapshots of the market conditions. You will need to poll this market data endpoint for new information at your discretion.



The full order and execution stream is available through our websocket API. This provides a real-time feed of new orders, cancels, and fills that will be pushed to your client as soon as it is available. Using this API is advised if you want to consume the freshest data as quickly as possible.

Websocket API docs

order entry

Order entry APIs are for entering and managing you order flow. You will need to authenticate using your API keys. Bitfloor has two types of trading APIs available: REST (connectionless) and FIX (connection). The choice of which API to use is up to you and each one has its advantages.


The rest API uses basic HTTP protocols to place trades. There is no long lived connection and each client request is independent from the others and will only receive one response.

Unless you know you will be placing a high volume of orders as well as wanting the fastest updates on market data, using this API will be simpler. Your client will not need to maintain as much state internally.



The FIX based API is intended for traders who want to place lots of orders and also receive realtime updates on their fills. The client is responsible for maintaining their order flow and updating local state as needed.

If you know you will be entering lots of orders and wanting to have immediate access to fills you should use this API. Unless you have prior experience with FIX or using a 3rd party application to handle it for you, we recommend the REST API for simplicity.

wikipedia FIX article

FIX API docs


For testing the automated APIs, we have setup a full clone of the system at You can login to the clone website and test all of the exchange features using fake funds.

example traders

A quick overview of each type and links to more information is available for each. We also provide sample traders available on our github page at: